ADI Standards Check Training in Leicester

adi standards check in Leicester

No more sleepless nights, 83% Grade “A” – could this be you?

Since 2014, we’ve had an amazing success rate with the ADI Standards Check in Leicester.

Based in Leicester, Driving Innovation has 35 years experience of training and supporting ADI’s. The last 23 years have been spent developing coaching techniques and client centred learning in all areas of driver training – from providing CPD courses for ADI’s and complete fleet driver training programmes nationally. 

Invest in yourself, your business and protect your career with our focused and targeted ADI standards check training in Leicester

We've worked with driving instructors and business owners for many years and we keep in touch with many to this day. What we know for sure is that the methods work and the instructors enjoy using the tools we provide. The learners are more than happy to pay a premium for better quality training and a better overall driving experience.

how to get a grade a pass

How would you like the potential to earn up to £12,000 more per year? 

Why not think beyond just simply passing or obtaining a grade A on your standards check? What other benefits could come your way?

It's not uncommon for the instructors to increase their charge out rate by 25 to 40%. How much more income would that generate for you? If you are currently bringing in £30,000 that's an extra £7,500 to £12,000 each year!!    

Colin Scott delivers all the ADI standards check training in Leicester with 35 years experience in the field of driver training, trainer training and 23 years in applying client-centred or coaching techniques to driving. 

We run ADI standards check training in Leicester all year round with many driving instructors booking well before their anticipated exam. This is far the best way, allowing you to integrate the new techniques over time.

If however, you've just got a date for your standards check or recently failed we will try to fit you into our schedule as soon as possible. Please book as early as possible to secure your training time.

When you complete our full Standards Check Training in Leicester, you will learn:

 What you need to do to achieve your Grade A Standards Check
 How to apply what you learn with your drivers.  
Standards check training What it is that causes around 25% of ADI's to fail and how to avoid making these easy mistakes.
Standards Check Help Leicester How to structure your standards check lesson leading to greater success
Standards Check Help Leicester How to avoid the 5 most common reasons for failing on risk management resulting in failing the exam.
 How to use proven modern coaching methods for easy learning with your pupils
driving lessons leicester How to set compelling goals agreed for every driving session
driving instructors leicester What to review with your pupil so you can demonstrate their progress during the standards check lesson, in fact, any lesson.
driving school leicester What kind of learning styles exist, how to identify them and how to work with them to accelerate learning
 How to perform with real confidence and focus during your standards check and avoid test nerves getting the better of you.
crash driving course leicester Why the standards check criteria was introduced and what each element of the marking sheet means - you'll gain a full understanding of what you need to do to achieve a grade A standards check.  

New for 2020

2 day, Advanced Coaching Skills for ADI Standards Check trainers - get in touch to register your interest and take your business to the next level!         

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Do you offer ADI Standards Check training in Leicester or in other locations in the UK? If so, please get in touch as your course could be displayed on this site.

adi standards check in Leicester